IMPACS - Internal


This page outlines the facilities and resources available within the Institute of Mathematics and Physics. These are a mixture of teaching and research resources.

Teaching Resources Research Resources

The Mathematics and Physics library is housed on the fourth floor of the Physical Sciences Building, allowing easy access for students to browse texts and find a quiet place to work between lectures.

Synthetic Environment Laboratory

The SEL houses the virtual reality equipment to allow researchers to visualise their data in 3D.


Two dedicated teaching laboratories are located within the building, along with a specialised optics room. All physics lab modules take place in these laboratories, and they contain a range of equipment and computers needed for practical physics.

Materials Laboratory

The Materials Laboratory contains equipment to study the properties of different substances.


The laboratories are supplemented by the electrical and mechanical workshops which custom build pieces of equipment for experiments and projects.

Planetary Analogue Terrain Laboratory

The PATLAB, or "Mars Yard" as it is affectionately known, is used to develop autonomous capabilities for planetary rovers.

Lecture Theatres

A range of lecture theatres are also contained within the building, meaning that Mathematics and Physics students can find all the facilities and resources required for their studies located under one roof.

Robotic Telescope

The robotic telescope located on the roof of the building allows study of both the seas and the sky.


The newly refurbished lobby provides a relaxation space for students between lectures. Vending machines provide drinks and snacks.

Supercomputing Facilities

A 128 node, quad core supercomputer housed in the department allows researchers to run state-of-the-art simulations of e.g., atomic interactions, astrophysical phenomena, and foams.