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Academic Orientation Programme
for the
Department of Computer Science 2023-24.

Please follow this link for the details for the Academic Orientation Programme for the Department of Computer Science 2023-24

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CS Assistance

The department provides a help service to students taking our modules. If you are struggling to understand a concept or have technical problems when undertaking a piece of work, then the service may be able to help you. The service is run by senior students who have demonstrating experience and good technical knowledge. They will not solve the problem for you but will try to help you understand enough to be able to solve it yourself; don't expect them to write your worksheet solution for you! The service is aimed at foundation, first and second year undergraduate students, but, depending on CS Assistant expertise, may be able to support other cohorts.  
The service runs in LL-B59 on the ground floor of the Computer Science building. The normal pattern of operation is Monday to Friday for two hours in the afternoon, and only during term time. An email will be sent at the start of term to confirm this and also to advertise the names of the CS Assistants and their areas of expertise.
Students normally gain most benefit by turning up in person. However, the service also runs a Discord server that you can use. However, note that students being dealt with in-person will be given priority. Also, please don't expect answers when the service is closed. The Discord server is: